king arthur flour

If you've been to any grocery store, it's evident that King Arthur's Flour is probably the most expensive, but also the best. The husband has been wanting to visit the King Arthur baker's school, store, and bakery since he found out it was located in Vermont, not too far from Montreal. So when we started out on our roadtrip from Montreal to California, we chose the southern route and made some very necessary stops. The first being King Arthur Flour.

shelves of different and awesome flours


  1. wow! so cool. i didn't know (or think) there was a bakery...but i guess that would only make sense! looks like a fun trip so far.

    hope you're well hollin--can't wait to see more snaps from your travels!

  2. haha i love how nerdy and awesome you two are!

    this reminds me of the scene in "stranger than fiction" when will ferrell brings maggie gyllenhaal an assortment of flours on their first date. he says, "i brought you flours."



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