morning calm

Have you seen the beautiful soaps from Etsy seller, Morning Calm?  Not only are her soaps beautifully crafted, but Hwasoon Kim's photography is also lovely, crisp and clean.  I ordered my first batch of soaps and received them in the mail yesterday.  I LOVE THEM.  They make your face feel soft and clean and they smell beautiful.  I bought a "happy endings" sample set, and the Korean Hwangto Clay soap. I can't wait to order more of these! These are definitely a perfect addition to a Christmas gift... just saying...

{images by hwasoon kim, morning calm}

morning calm: etsy, blog.


  1. hwasoon is a favorite of mine! these are definitely amazing christmas gifts!


  2. oh... thank you so much for this lovely posting! I'm honored to be here. ♥

  3. I ordered some morning calm soap this year too and loved it. although unscented, it has this natural calming smell to it. and her pictures are soothing as well. the name suits the shop so well.


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