improvisation quilts

Sewing quilts has always been a daunting idea to me. The precision of cutting out perfect geometric shapes and stitching them altogether was never appealing, however I looked the patterns and colors of the quilts and wished I could produce my own.  Then, I stumbled upon Susana Allen Hunter and her improvisational quilts.  In the early 1900s, Hunter sewed beautiful quilts mixed in geometric shapes and colors.  She clearly had an eye for color and pattern and her quilts are amazing.  She brings inspiration to those of us not willing to conform to the perfectly squared quilts.

{source images found here}


  1. i love these! & i truly think they are more beautiful than the perfect geometric quilts. my mother is making one with scraps, so it should turn out similar to these - i'm so excited : )

  2. Um amazing! I have always been way tooooo scared to start one or think mine is going to look uneven and unattractive, but these are so neat!


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