new photography packaging!

Yes! It's been a long time coming. I've been experimenting with packaging for my wedding photography for a while now, but with school and everything I was never able to sit down and just work on what I had in mind. Then, my awesome, totally talented, beautiful beautiful sister designed my logo.  If you ever want custom design, seriously hire her, she's currently working on an illustration for a tattoo for someone! That could be you! (or you know, wedding invitations, whatever).  I couldn't just have the pretty logo she designed for me standing all alone in the midst of my random packaging. So this week, I whipped out my water color set and exacto knives and got to it.  Considering I don't watercolor, ever, I'm pretty happy with how the packaging turned out.  In case you're interested:

For my photography packaging I use:

Moo double-sided business cards
Stumptown printing recycled dvd cases
Recycled paper bubble mailer

I try to limit the amount of materials I use for packaging, mainly so that I am not contributing more to the amount of material that is out there in the world. As you can see, all packages are hand-painted, packaged, and mailed by me.  And, because we live in the Great White North, each package will now include a lovely Canadian token... yes you should be excited.

 The foster kitten, Flannery, got a little mischievous while I was taking photos of my packaging. If there are any paw prints on your dvd cases - well, now you know why.

Anyways that's it.  If you haven't been to my photoblog in a while, please have a look.  There are still a few weddings I have yet to post on there, so keep your eyes peeled. I may even blog the packaging on there, too.
how do you guys like the new packaging?  Any thoughts or new ideas? I'd love to hear!


  1. such pretty packaging!! i love the blog make-over by the way : )

    1. Thanks so much, Lina! It's been a while since I've blogged, so I'm happy to see that some people are still stopping by.

  2. Great branding/packaging. Thanks for sharing. Love it! P.S. Love the Canadian touch.


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