two companys/products I am pleasantly surprised by.

I am someone who is relatively comfortable with the stores and companies I like. I tend not to stray from my regular favorites, like shopping at Anthropologie or buying makeup products at Sephora or Target.  However, living in Montreal, I do not have access to any three of those companies (Well, Sephora is in Laval but... I'm not going that far).  Anyways, the other day I walked past Gap and noticed amazing colored khakis in the window.  Then I noticed even more pieces in the store that I would buy, if I had more money.  I remember taking advantage of some Gap sales in previous years, but never have I found a list of 5+ items I'd want at a given time. It's more like a list of 5-10 now. Take a look at these awesome picks. I'm really hoping that denim jumper goes on sale, like, under $50.

Gap 2012

Gap, $90
Gap, $90
GAP tapered pants, $70
Gap, $50
Gap, $45

The second company I had NEVER tried before was The Body Shop. Before I had always thought of it as a glorified scent company, like Bath and Body Works, and didn't think much of it, in fact I had never even walked in the store before.  Well, there's a Body Shop in the vast metro shop area and I noticed they were having a "buy 3 get 2 free" sale, which seems like an incredibly good deal.  So I went online and did a little online browsing before choosing the items I'd want to purchase.  For starters, Canadian winters are rough on the skin. My face was different in color and texture all around.  So, I got the Aloe soothing day cream and protective mask (recommended by Vogue), and no joke, 1 day later, my skin was soft and no longer dry.  Hasn't changed since!  Next, I'd highly recommend their makeup brushes. For starters, they're vegetarian and EXTREMELY soft. I had been using the brushes that came with my old Bare Minerals kit, and they are so brittle and scratchy in comparison to these brushes.  Finally, I would recommend the Vitamin E face mist.  Have you heard of using face mists to set makeup and also to spritz when your face is feeling dry throughout the day?  Well, it's a great idea, and I carry mine in the purse whenever my face feels dry while walking around the city.  This spray has vitamin E in it, and apparently smells like rose water.  I'd imagine it would soften and moisturize while instantly hydrating your face.  Now, even though this company has some great stuff, it should be noted, this is not a "natural" company - but it is a vegetarian company, that does not test products on animals.  So that's definitely something.  Do any of you have recommendations from these companies or any others?

the body shop favorites

Kabuki Bronzing Brush | The Body Shop ®, $23
Vitamin E Face Mist | The Body Shop ®, $16
Aloe Protective Restoring Mask: - The Body Shop, $19
Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask | The Body Shop ®, $22
Aloe Soothing Day Cream | The Body Shop ®, $16
Vitamin C Microdermabrasion | The Body Shop ®, $20
Foundation Brush: - The Body Shop, $23

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