sunglasses roundup

I never really cared about sunglasses, but after figuring that I needed some, I bought 2 pairs last summer that I really loved. One from H&M, one from Free People and they were both different enough to be enjoyed at lots of occasions.  Well, several months later, I've broken the H&M ones and lost the other.  So I am back to square one.  However, not realizing how many awesome sunglasses there are right now (both cheap and expensive) I'm glad I get the opportunity to shop around.  Here are some of my favorites, at ALL price ranges.
What's awesome about the pastel, color candied sunglasses from Free People (the centered ones) is that you can fold them up!  
sunglasses 2012

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  1. i love all the options you have, from inexpensive to the pricier ones. I have a harder time spending alot of money on purses and accessories. i don't know why.


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