what i'm up to

Just experimenting with some post-processing in lightroom and photoshop.  How did everyone's week start out?
I've decided, that if I move to California, I am going to set up a pre-order doughnut service. Here's what you could be expecting this summer. Happy Monday!

my cereal milk raised doughnuts with cornflake crunch.


  1. I love all of it. I just noticed your website banner and that's beautiful as well. Miss you guys. And thanks for making my mouth water. ;)

  2. If you do the doughnut thing... you have to ship to Oregon. I think it's the law or something.

    1. haha, i'm not sure how fresh they'd be if I mailed them. That's the problem with homemade doughnuts; since there's no preservatives in them, they definitely don't last all day like they do at the bakery. too bad...


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