cece's apartment: new girl

After screen-capturing the wonderful details of Joan Harris' apartment from Mad Men, I decided to look more closely at some other tv show apartments.  Another fantastic apartment comes from Fox's New Girl, particularly Cece's apartment.  Unfortunately there have only been a couple of scenes in her apartment, but the color and decor is pretty great.  Gotta love the mint walls, mid century furniture, and vintage knick knacks.  Does anyone have a favorite TV show apartment?  I'd love to find more!


  1. just finished watching this episode! her apartment is adorable.

  2. My kitchen right now is mint colored, I have no idea how to work with it lol but this apartment is so cute!

  3. ahhh i love new girl so much! i don't think we're up to this episode in australia yet, but i'm actually in love with the loft that the other 4 live in...


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