outdoor retreats

Well, again it's been a bit of a while since I've last visited Vim & Verve. I apologize again if anyone out there is still reading this.  But the good news is I've finished my last final, which means that I can get back to blogging and finding old and new, and wonderful things.  Some big news: I am moving to Southern California at the end of August.  After two years in Montreal, the husband and I will be returning to the state where we first met, and will be spending a year or so there so that we can figure out what's next for us!  Since it's been cold here still (April showers), I've started to let my mind drift into the sunny (but sometimes too hot) backyards of southern California.  I'm excited to have a small yard, and a place to relax, even though the desert doesn't offer too many pleasant days outside.  How nice are these outdoor retreats?

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