vintage books

During my quick trip to LA to shoot a wedding and visit my sister, we stopped by two used bookstores, equally amazing in their own way.  The first was Alias Books East in Atwater Village.  They have a carefully curated selection of used books, and I hit the jackpot there.  The second bookstore was The Iliad Bookshop in Hollywood.  There I was able to find a pretty sweet edition of The Lord of the Rings (although I'm missing The Fellowship of the Ring still) and also Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnets from the Portuguese. I don't know why, but I absolutely love used bookstores and never leave empty handed...


  1. lovely selection of books. one of my favorite places to visit in new cities are bookstores.

  2. Wonderful collection of books. Moncrieff's translation of Swann's Way is great, but also see the newer translation by Lydia Davis, and her translation notes in Paris Review. As for Sonnets From the Portuguese, look for the wonderful Ecco Press edition edited by Peterson & Markus. It turns out, all of her sonnets are a response to love letters by Robert Browning, which are reprinted in the book. It adds a whole new dimension of understanding to her sonnets.


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