the day in pictures.

Oh, what a wonderful day.  Woke up to a brand new Zara skirt (way better than flowers) and then proceeded to skip my first class in order to surprise the husband with a delightful dessert, which ended up taking longer than planned, therefore missing my second class, but all is well in the end when the apartment is cleaned up and there's dinner made on the table.  The second half of my valentine's day present from the husband was a little photo shoot with my wonderful cat and foster (we think of him more like a visiting cousin).  I now have some pictures of both me and Weasley, not just thousands of her sleeping.

Roasted Cherry Tomato Pasta with Fresh Basil

the dessert table

canned lychee

canned lychee from montreal
canned lychee from montreal

roasted cherry tomato pasta recipe

roasted cherry tomato pasta
roasted cherry tomato pasta with fresh basil

fancy shoes


lychee panna cotta with rosewater roasted strawberries
lychee panna cotta with rosewater roasted strawberries

lychee cake with rose yogurt mousse

lychee cake with rose yogurt mousse


yes, it was stupid of me, but for some reason I thought we needed one each....


eating the dessert
digging into the desserts

the valentine's day outfit, showing off the new skirt






This will be the last big "food" post in a while probably.  I say this because after making 3 doughnuts batches in one week, and this dessert insanity, I think it's time to take a break from the largeness of our meals, at least for a week: stay tuned for the husband's birthday bash!

1 comment:

  1. First off-- LOVE the shoes!
    Second -- anything rose sounds amazing!
    Third -- the light pink of the cake is sooo pretty I want to cry rose teardrops
    Fourth -- those are probably the most cute little flags i have ever seen!!


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