It's a good day

Although it's been a very stressful week (only a week before finals now!) I had some good news peppered throughout that helped my sanity.

First, our dear foster, Ferrell, got adopted! He'll be picked up this Sunday. I'm going to miss him a lot but I know he's going to a permanent home which is what he deserves. This morning I woke up to find him snuggling with me, first time ever! He is not a lap kitten - UNTIL now.  Well, at least he's working on it...  Which means I want to keep him now, ha!

And finally, to put a wonderful end to my week, today I received my oxfords from Golden Ponies!

I do not have good feet.  Basically, I am a sucker for cheap shoes, like Target, Urban Outfitter's, etc... BUT, after wearing tons of cheap shoes, either it took a toll on my feet, or I just had bad feet to begin with because now, I cannot walk an hour without having serious foot pain.  It's caused an issue, because now I have to research comfortable shoes that aren't disgusting in looks, and now I can't buy those cheap deal shoes...

I, however, couldn't resist Golden Ponies.  The shoes are "cheap," in price, but they are great! The leather is so soft and comfy, and the craftsmanship is definitely apparent, I honestly do not know how she makes these awesome shoes.  I've been walking around my apartment and so far, they are extremely comfortable.  Maybe later on I'll put in an insole for safety, but for now, awesome sauce!

I went for a neutral look, with light brown and beige for my two colors. If I am ever in need of another pair (which I will make myself be..), I'm definitely trying lavender or the bright blue! The price is a steal for what you get, and I'm so happy with my new shoes, they came in perfect time, because my favorite oxfords basically disintegrated from overuse.

I recommend everyone buying a pair!

{Another blessing was that a final paper that I had stressed about and well, thought I had failed, I actually got a surprisingly good grade, but I don't expect that to happen often...}


  1. hooray for ferrell! and congrats on doing well on your paper!! that's always an amazing feeling. good luck with the rest of your studying!

    your new shoes are sweet :). loved seeing them pop up in my instagram feed! are you loving your ipad!?

    have a good weekend hollin!

  2. You bought some! They look adorable. I agree about the quality, I've been wearing mine for a couple months now and they have yet to wear down.

    Happy April!

  3. those shoes are such classics. lavender? yes please.

    the cats look jealous!


  4. you have such a sweet blog! love all your photos & your kitties are so adorable :)


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