three months and counting

Well folks, it's been quite a while since I've blogged on here - over three months to be slightly more precise.  It's unfortunate too - it's not like my life's been boring or anything, but full time schooling (how does a literature major handle reading when she's watching tv all the time?) and photography - and I haven't really had the energy to want to blog.  BUT! This week is my university's "reading week"/spring break and I am determined to blog to my heart's content and possibly redesign the blog.  It definite needs a fixing - doesn't it?  As for news, this is what's happend to me lately.

1. I dyed my hair in that 2010 trendsetting "ombre" jumping onto the bandwagon while everyone else jumped off.

2. We got a new foster kitten - a mini Weasley, and we named her Flannery (like O'Conner).

3. I've gotten on quite the beauty/makeup kick (posts to follow)

Well that's it for now. But I promise a new post is coming QUITE SOON.


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