momofuku milk bar cookbook//bagel bombs + cereal milk

This past Christmas I received Christina Tosi's Milk Bar cookbook as a gift from my dear sister.  This book is amazing.  So far, I haven't made too many treats out of it yet, mainly because I don't know where to buy glucose in the Montreal area.  So far I have made:
  • cereal milk (definitely more than twice)
  • cereal milk panna cotta
  • cornflake crunch
  • bagel bombs
Bagel bombs, are a glorious thing.  They combine more than enough flavored cream cheese with a wonderful bagel dough so that on the occasion that you don't seal the dough around the cream cheese well enough, you may get  "bomb" of cream cheese exploding in your oven - but it's still delicious.
The great thing about the Milk Bar book, is that quite a bit of it is available for preview on Google Books. So if you're the type of person you likes to try out recipes from a cookbook before buying it (always a wise thing to do) I suggest you head on over to this link and try out as many recipes for free as you can.  But if you're willing to follow my person recommendation only, then by all means, by the book.

Bagel Bombs
recipe in Amazon's "Look Inside"

Our alterations:
We wanted our bagel bombs to have vegetarian fillings. So for one batch we made:
1. Cream cheese + dill + shallots
2. Cream cheese + roasted garlic + rosemary and herbs

What's great about cereal milk is that you can use it for so many things! I haven't tried it in my coffee yet (but I'm totally going to do it) but something I did try was CEREAL MILK DOUGHNUTS. Yeah that's right.  I used my favorite doughnut recipe, but replaced the milk in the doughnuts with cereal milk.  I also replaced the milk for the glaze with cereal milk, and topped in the cornflake crunch!  While the doughnuts themselves didn't have much of the "cereal" taste, the glaze sure added a wonderful flavor. I cannot wait to make more from this book!


  1. these remind me of vododonuts in portland, oregon. they have all kinds of cereal donuts and other crazy flavors.

  2. Bagel bombs? I must try this ridiculousness, stat!


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