joan harris' apartment.

 So, I'm sure I'm not the only one blogging about Mad Men's premiere, but I am particularly loving Joan Harris' apartment. I loved it before, but I think the show's hiatus made me love her apartment even more. I am currently fortunate enough to be planning out (on a very budgetary level) decor and color for a new apartment and I could seriously use all the colors in Joan's apartment.  I absolutely love how bold and non-pastel these are!  I can be scared of color sometimes, at least on apartment walls, but I think I may have found my new inspiration. Unfortunately last Sunday's premiere didn't feature Joan's kitchen so much, so I found a supplementary photo on Google (source is below). What do you think?

source for additional photos: here.


  1. i have to admit that I am very scared to venture out to the world of colours when it comes to my walls at home. but those are great... swoon. i'm still so behind on my mad men watching...

  2. oh love it! we haven't seen the premiere of the new season yet, but I love that show! Glad it's back


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